Invest Your Time These 2 Places to Make a Bigger Difference

I was frustrated.

I felt that when I put my feet up, youth ministry ground to a halt in my church. It seemed that if I wasn’t working, students were slipping into old patterns of behavior. I felt like the only one paddling the canoe upstream. If I didn’t paddle like mad, the boat was floating backwards over the falls.

I wish I was exaggerating. It’s exactly how I felt. Like all the leadership books say, I didn’t need to work harder. I needed to work smarter. I needed to get a whole crew paddling!

If you have 3 or 50 hours to give to youth each week, this is how to make the most of every minute.

2 Vital Questions to Measure Your Success

I think a lot about success.

I want to succeed in ministry.  That might sound arrogant but I don’t think it is.  Isn’t it a good thing to want to do the best possible job with what God has given us?.

My guess is when we talk success you are thinking about one question.

“How big is your ministry?”

…or it might be a variation of that question.

“Is you ministry growing?”

I want to be clear and honest.  These questions suck!  They force us to do ministry based on getting students into the building.  It might happen subtly, but if your question is based on numbers then numbers is what you will go after.

I think there are two better questions that we have to ask.

Are You in Seth Godin’s DIP or DEAD END

I really like Seth Godin’s blog.

His posts are short, interesting and make you look at things from a different angle.  I really appreciate people that cause me to think and look at common things in new ways.

Because of this appreciation of Godin I recently read his book The Dip.  Like his blog, it was short but incredibly insightful.  The tagline explains that it is a little book that teaches you when to quit and when to stick.

I think that the lessons from this book are extremely helpful for us.

3 Things That Will Make You More Efficient

Photo Credit: miguelavg via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: miguelavg via Compfight cc

I hate it when people say that they are busy.  We have all heard that person say, “sorry I am just too busy to…”  You can fill in the blank.  The reason that it bugs me so much is because we are all busy.  I’m busy, you are busy, the person making excuses is busy.

Being busy is not the problem, being efficient is the problem.

We all have the exact amount of time in the day (24 hours last time I checked).  If you want to get the most out of this life and be the best possible leader to your students, then you must be more efficient.

Anyone can maximize their efficiency by just making some simple adjustments.

5 Apps That Will Help You Be More Effective In Youth Ministry

If you are reading this blog my guess is that you would like to be more productive.  Let’s be honest, we would all like to do a better job in less time so we have more time to do the things we like.

We also all know that the desire is not enough.  Being effective and productive requires good habits and effort.  Fortunately in this day and age technology can help us.  Here are 5 apps that I use almost daily in my life.  In different ways each of these apps have helped me to be more productive and effective.