Stop Multi-Tasking and Get More Done

That’s my take-away

from reading Distracted, by Maggie Jackson. 

Researchers have  found that we can’t focus on two things at the same time. They also found that competing thoughts in our head trip us up so that we never get into “the zone.” We skim the surface of a project and lack the deep concentration required to work quickly or produce excellence.

We think that we can do two things at the same time like a juggler who can keep five red balls in the air. What we have is divided attention. It slows us down, produces mistakes, and exhausts our minds.

“But I have so much to get done!!?” Right! That’s why you need to stop juggling 3-5 tasks at the same time and start doing this…

Your Kick Off Check List

 You only get one shot at your first night…

so I know that you want to get it right.

You’ve been thinking about getting it perfect all summer and now you are nailing down the last details. So I scoured the internet to find the best of the best of ideas and came up with a check list for you. Take a look and see how many of the items you have covered. Maybe you can pick an idea or two that you haven’t already thought of…

3 Simple Steps to Planning A Great Year

The summer is an extremely important time for a youth ministry.

Sure, have a break.  Go on holidays, recharge your batteries.

But when you are at the church, I hope you aren’t poking around on social media, letting time tick away.

Right now is the time for you to plan.  I know, the “plan” word sounds so boring.  There are 100 more interesting things that you could be doing.  However, if you plan out your entire year now, it will allow you to be a better youth leader when the Fall hits.
This is how I do it..

6 Painless Ways to Recruit This Summer

You probably need new leaders for the fall,

But recruiting may be the furthest thing from your mind right now!
Not to burst your bubble or anything… the summer is going to be over before you know it and you may be left scrambling for leaders. Last year’s leaders need to be kept on and if you hope to grow, new leaders will be vital to the health of your group!

How are you going to get new volunteers without killing yourself? Here’s a quick list of things to try:


I have to make a decision pretty soon.

It is a a big decision.

I mean bigger than, what will I wear tomorrow?

In fact a BIG part of ministry and leading is making decisions and solving problems. You have to make decisions about;

  • which curriculum to use
  • which leaders to recruit
  • which leaders to part ways with
  • when to leave the church
  • if you are going to keep reading this blog

To make a good decision you need some ingredients. These 4 will help you get it right.

4 Strategies for Managing Expectations

“What do these people want from me!?”

I complained to God.

Parents wanted me to fix their kids. The students wanted the “funnest youth ministry in the city.” My pastor wanted me at the church from early morning prayer at 6 Am to 4 pm in the afternoon (7 am on Saturdays) I had assignments to complete for the seminary, and I was losing touch with my family. I found myself saying too frequently, “I hate my life.”

I looked at a bunch of books on burnout and life management. Finally, I discovered this remarkable strategy for dealing with expectations. I hope that you, or someone you know, will find it helpful too!

2 Ways To Get The Most Out Of The Coming Change

Time flies. 

It probably feels like just the other day when you were having your Fall kick off.  Now it won’t be too long until you are winding down, having your year end parties and switching to your summer program.

So is it going to be same as always?

When you get to the next Fall kick off are you going to be wondering where the time went?  Are you not going to feel rested, your batteries charged?

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Here are 2 things, that if you do them now, will lead to your best summer yet…