5 Things Your Volunteers Need From You

What do you want from me?!!

Lina yelled at  me. She had every right. I wanted her to organize all of the youth resources but I gave her no training or instructions. No wonder she was fed up. Getting yelled at by someone who had been so eager to help, made me learn that I needed to change. Here’s a list of 5 things I learned that my leaders need from me.

Free Test: Unleash Your Personality Potential

The greatest speakers I know are introverts.

They are very comfortable being by themselves. What is remarkable is that they have learned how to make their personality profile work for them in public. Are you making the most of how God has formed you? Here’s a 10 minute test and 5 strategies to help you make the most of your personality type!

Do You Default to any of these 3 Destructive Responses?

I was being immature.

I knew it but I didn’t stop myself. I fell into the dumb old pattern that was harmful to others and to me. If you’re a parent, educator, or a volunteer with teens, see if you ever end up acting in any of these three destructive ways. #3 is particularly deadly!

3 Ways to Build a Great Volunteer Team

What I saw this weekend was incredible! 

I spoke at a youth ministry this past weekend.   This particular group has been without a youth pastor for 5 months.  Yet when I was there the group was not just surviving, I would say they were thriving.

How could a group thrive with no youth pastor for so long?

Leadership!  To be more specific, the volunteer leadership was amazing.  I saw 6 or 7 different people leading the different aspects of the night.  The former youth pastor did a fantastic job of not building the youth ministry around him but around the team.

So here are 3 ways that you can build a great team.

3 Reasons Why You Must Have a Great Student Leadership Team

This past weekend I was at a leadership training weekend.

Paul Fraser puts on a great event where Youth Pastors, adult volunteers and student leaders come together for training, encouragement and spiritual enrichment.

On the Saturday I led a workshop for the student leaders who were all in High School.  There were around 50 of them and we had a great time.  I was impressed with their love of Jesus and devotion to their youth ministries.

It reminded me once again that one of the most important things you can do is develop your student leaders.  Here are 3 reasons why;

NHL Game Changing Secrets

He Shoots! He Scores!

I love these words. I love the sense of accomplishment and victory! But that big win isn’t pure luck. That thrilling moment is the result of hard work, determination and strategic secrets that we can apply to youth work.

Here’s an example. Right now I am coaching a young youth worker. She feels that she is making all the right moves, but can’t “get the puck in the net.” She is working really hard but no matter how hard she works, it seems that nothing is changing.

I have been there too but I stumbled on to some game changing NHL Secrets that I am sharing with her and would like to share with you.

I don’t claim to know a ton about hockey but there are a few surprising applications to youth work. Here are some that I pointed out to my student who is working with a youth ministry that is kind of stuck.

How To Bring Control To A Chaotic Situation

Nothing good comes from chaos…

As I said in my last blog there was a season when we saw many new students come to the youth ministry.  The immediate reaction was “Great!”  Don’t get me wrong, it was great but it was also extremely chaotic.

Imagine walking around your youth ministry and instead of students praying or encouraging each other you hear F-bombs – also finding remnants of weed in the bathroom, and alcohol being sneaked in.  In short it was chaos.  This is not what I envisioned youth ministry to be like and I was not trained to deal with all of this.  As a result I learned these lessons through the school of hard knocks.

For whatever reason, if your youth ministry is chaotic how do you bring control without losing all of the students.  These three lessons were learned the hard way but I think they could benefit you.