9 Ways to Start Off the New Year Right in Youth Ministry

It’s the beginning of a new calendar year.

This is the season of resolutions and new beginnings.  The truth is that for most of you, it is the middle of your youth ministry year.  No matter, January is still a good time to evaluate and try new things.

Here are 9 suggestions for your youth ministry or for yourself.  They’re little changes that can make a big difference.

3 Ways To Be A Great Youth LEADER and 1 TED Talk

If you’re in youth ministry then you’re in leadership.

It’s really that simple.  The question is, “are you a great leader for a bygone era?”

We need to think differently about leadership for the 21st century.  Students deserve solid leadership for the now and future. Here are 3 things we all need to know and a TED Talk every youth leader needs to see!

How to Develop Courageous Leadership

You need courage if you’re going to work with teens.

They can smell fear from 50 feet and they can determine who is in charge in the first minute that they enter your meeting place. Any hesitation on your part and you will be overrun. Sadly, this level of confidence and courage doesn’t automatically come with the title of “youth worker” –it must be developed. Here’s how…

3 Confessions of a Lead Pastor to Pastors of Youth

I have a confession…actually three of them.

[Special Guest Blog by Pastor Bob Jones of North Pointe Community Church]

The ten years I served as a pastor of youth were some of THE best years of the thirty-five I’ve experienced in pastoral ministry.

That’s not my confession – its my conviction. From that conviction comes these three confessions to pastors of youth:

3 Measuring Sticks to Guide Your Youth Ministry

How do you gauge your ministry?

I have been reading an interesting book about the church that I think is also important for youth ministry.  It is called Missional Renaissance and is written by Reggie McNeal.  He is proposing a new measuring stick which by churches can gauge their success.

Have you ever thought about that in youth ministry.  What is success?  Is it the amount of students that show up to your event?  Is it if the parents are happy?

McNeal offers 3 measurements that I think we can use to gauge our youth ministries.

Move Students from Strangers to Family

A 7 Step Slide Share to Teach You How to Build Community

Do you wish your students were closer?
Do you want to integrate shy students? What about those besties who won’t become friends with anyone else in the group? How are you going to connect them to others?

Here is a slide share that quickly shows you the scientifically proven step to move students from being distant and disconnected to being close and connected.