Porn, Time Magazine and 3 Crucial Lessons

Inevitable Encounter…

“Providing a counter narrative for teens about the porn they’ll inevitably encounter, despite whatever filters are put in place, is a key goal of the young activists.”

This is a key quote taken from the cover page article of the April 11, 2016, issue of Time Magazine.

This article on Porn and its effects is a fascinating take for anyone who works with students.  In fact, coming from a source like Time, I find it insightful –a unique perspective that we might not always hear.

Instead of giving you a review of the article, I’d like to pull out some things that will be helpful for those of us that are youth workers.

The Absolute Best Way To Help Students With Their Sexuality

As youth workers we often think that it’s all about us;  

that we are the primary influencers in our students’ lives.  Lets make no mistake, we have a part to play.

However, when it comes to our student’s sexuality and understanding of sex, we are NOT the best thing.

I was reminded of “the best thing” again this weekend.  I was at a church doing some teaching and they got it. Here’s what the absolute best thing is…

Caring for Transgender Self-Identifying Students

When the first transgender student visits your youth group will you be prepared?

Which small group will you invite them to?

Which washroom will they use?

Which cabin will you assign them to at the retreat?

These are some of the things you will want to think through with your leaders but probably not the most important issues.

Selfies, Students & Mental Health

Danny Bowman attempted to kill himself

…because he couldn’t capture the perfect selfie. But his case is extreme, right? What about the average student who posts a new selfie a few times a week? How harmful can that be? More than you think. Here is what some recent research is saying and what you can do about it.

3 Tips for Youth Workers Navigating Teen Pregnancy

I’ll never forget that weekend.

I was picking up a few students for our Friday night Youth Worship service.  That was when John* told me that Matt had gotten Lisa pregnant.  This was the last thing I thought we’d be talking about in my car on the way to youth.

I’m not sure if you’ve dealt with a teen pregnancy but it’s never easy.  In fact, it can often be a very messy and complicated situation.  You feel like you’re navigating through a minefield as you deal with the 2 students, parents, church, leadership and all of your youth.

This is by no means a manual that will answer all of your questions, but here are some tips to help you navigate the minefield.