How to Talk to Your Teenagers About Sex

So your students are surrounded by sex all the time.  It is hard to watch a movie, surf the internet, or pick up a novel without some message about sex being shared.  Some of these messages are healthy, but let’s be honest many are not.  Unfortunately the church has been very poor at being a strong voice in teaching our students about sex.

So the simple question is what are you doing to help your students have a biblical view of their sexuality.

3 Tips On Helping Students Deal With Porn

If you spend more than five minutes working with students you are going to have a guy or yes even a girl come to you after a service, during a trip to McDonald’s or in the middle of your small group and say that they struggle with looking at porn.  Unfortunately, this is such a pervasive and prevalent issue in our society that you must have a response ready in that moment.  Here are three tips when talking to the student that I have found helpful.