How will Canadian Marijuana Legalization Affect Teens

Canada wants to legalize marijuana by Canada Day (July 1) next year. I won’t be something I’ll be celebrating considering how teens will be affected. The goal is to tax, restrict and monitor the sale of the product. The government feels that this ending of prohibition will be safe and effective. They believe that it will keep marijuana out of the hands of minors. What do you think?

Let’s compare it to the legal substance, alcohol. What are the results of legalized alcohol? How well is the government keeping this out of the hands of under age students?

Let’s Get Personal This Year

Jared spends over 9 hours by himself each day.

…And when he is with other people, he’s still in his own world. His case is not unique. There’s a growing number of isolated kids. The situation is so unhealthy. It can be changed. Here’s what’s going on and what we can do to end the isolation.

JOY! 3 Ways to Help Students Experience it!


“I felt warm in my heart and so happy tonight when that student was sharing with me! It felt like I was doing the right thing! It felt so good!”

I was thrilled too as my daughter shared with me after youth night. My heart was also filled with joy!! I wished every parent, student and leader could feel this overwhelming sense of pure joy! Here are three ways that I believe we can help students experience JOY!

5 MYTHS Youth Workers Believe about ADHD

That kid is hyper.

I hear the phrase a lot from youth workers and volunteers. They are focusing on high activity, low attention, and high distractibility. This outward behavior is obvious but they may have bought into at least 5 myths about ADHD that can be harmful to the student and to the ministry. Here’s what every youth worker needs to know.

Study: Popular Kids in Danger in their 20’s

Cool Kids are at greater risk…

There used to be a youth ministry strategy that said reach the popular kids and you will reach their whole school.  A University of Virginia study shows why we should reach popular kids, but it isn’t to grow our youth ministry. It’s because they are at greater risk than you may have guessed. Here’s what youth workers, parents and teachers need to know:

These Doctors Challenge Guidelines for Gender Confused Students

Two medical doctors at the University of Alberta question their government’s approach to Gender dysphoria and student safety and support the American College of Pediatricians.

They assert that according to human biology, gender is determined by the X and Y chromosomes. XX is female and XY is male. We won’t be putting these letters on the doors of washrooms but the researchers assert that this, and the resulting anatomy, are how to determine a student’s gender and not their personal ideas.

Here is what they would want us to know:

4 Ways to Help a Student with An Addiction

I still remember that lunch with that student. 

There was a distance and her body language was telling me loud and clear that this was the last place she wanted to be.  I couldn’t blame her.

She was addicted to drugs.  Her parents were exhausted and destroyed.  They had asked me to help and talk to her.

I find this such a difficult situation.  Of course I want to help.  This is a big reason why I am in the ministry.  But I’ve never taken drugs.  I’ve never been addicted to drugs.  How can I help?

Here are 4 ways I’ve found to help a student with an addiction: