6 Strategies to Get Screen Time Under Control

Netflix is playing…

and your teen keeps looking at their smart phone. It’s called media-multitasking but most parents call it annoying. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 8-18 year olds devote 53 hours per week to this pursuit. You are right to be concerned about what this will do to their physical and mental health. Here are 6 strategies to get screen time under control…

4 Gifts Good Kids Need from Us (#3 May Surprise You!)

He waited patiently…

while his parents scolded his younger brother.

Kelsey finished her homework early while her mom argued with her brother, trying to get him to start his homework. Barry watched his parents head out to the police station to pick up his addicted sister again.

He got up from the table and loaded the dishwasher.  Later, over the yelling downstairs, at bedtime, he read a page of the Bible and looked up at the ceiling… maybe tomorrow would be better.

Good kids are used to waiting to be noticed. What they really need from us are these 4 gifts…

Screen Time and Improving Teens’ Social Skills

I fail emotional intelligence tests.

That’s when I am honest. I know the right responses. I just don’t use them in everyday situations. I don’t like to say “God bless you,” if someone sneezes (it’s based on a terrible superstition.) I don’t ask “How are you?” unless I really have the time to find out (which is rare.) And when asked, “What do you want to do?” it’s normally, “Work.”

I know I’m probably a terrible role model and the last one who should be writing this blog, except studies are showing that a generation is coming up with even poorer social skills than mine!

Here are the stats and what the experts say that we should do.

3 Ways to Raise Grateful Teens

“Just what I NEVER wanted!”

I blurted out the words . My older brothers and sisters were shocked and appalled at my blatant ingratitude directed toward my mother.

I think that I was 8. I am still ashamed of my response. -Maybe that’s why raising grateful teens is so important to me. I was surprised to find study after study that proved that: people who practice gratitude feel considerably happier (25%) than those in a control group; they are more joyful, enthusiastic, interested, and determined.”

Here are 3 effective ways to nurture gratitude and defeat a sense of entitlement in teens.

The 3 Best Programs to Protect Students from Porn

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it’s only a matter of time.

Some student is going to come to you and ask for help with their porn problem.

You will have all sorts of good advice and prayer to offer the student but you will also want to create some accountability.  There are all sorts of accountability software out there but I would like to recommend 3 different ones that I have worked with.


“There’s somebody under all that stuff!”

a young man shouted.
[I wrote this for North Pointe Community Church]

My eyes were open but I couldn’t see.

I couldn’t breathe either. I had been winded before but this was different. I really couldn’t breathe. All I could do was pray silently, “God I have to live. Anna is pregnant and I have to be there to help her bring up the baby.”

Finally I sucked in a tiny breath with searing pain.

I could see dimly. One shoe and my glasses were gone. I could hear myself groaning as people were pulling twisted shelves, cans and ceiling tiles off of me.

My mind reeled. How did I get here?

3 Reasons to Keep Trying With Your Teen

“I feel like giving up,”

A mom confessed to me after my session at a conference called Breakforth.

She said “I’ve tried everything and I’m not getting anywhere. My husband has already thrown in the towel. Rather than listen to us fight, he takes off. I don’t even know where he goes.”

Many parents get frustrated fighting over homework, screen time, noise, clothes, chores, curfew, spending, friends and so many other areas. It’s understandable that they would feel like calling it quits and let their son or daughter do whatever they please. If you or anyone you know is considering packing it in, here are three reasons to hang in there.