20 Tips I wish I could have given parents of teens before their kids were 4

I’ve never had the chance to share with parents of young children

until this weekend but I’ve wanted to for the past 30 years! Why? Because often the difficulties that parents are having with their teens could be less difficult if a proper foundation for the relationship was established in the early years…Here are 20 things I always wanted to share with parents…

Parent’s Meeting on Social Media

Here’s my outline for a parents meeting that I am doing on Friday night. I thought you may want to run a similar session for parents in your area. Use some or all of this. Make sure that you provide plenty of time for parents to interact with each other and to ask questions. Here’s the the outline and a power point you can download. 

Connecting with Kids Who Don’t Want to Spend Time with You

All the experts preach that you need to communicate with your teenager.

But what if they don’t want to have anything to do with you?!

I came across an article that I think may help!

Kara Powell (no relation) from Fuller Youth Institute FYI and author of Sticky Faith,  has researched this and has some great tips for parents and youth workers! I’ve added a few thoughts of my own…