How to Stop Baby Sitting Students

How do you know if you have begun to babysit students?

It can happen so easily. Somewhere along the way my ministry turned into a baby sitting service. I didn’t even see it happening. Something changed in me and in them. Here are 7 signs that you are baby sitting and some ways to get out of it.

6 First Day Back Ideas for Youth Workers

The first day back is an ideal opportunity to connect with a student.

Your kick off may be weeks away (I still don’t get why some groups start so late!?) but I’ve found that nothing beats that first day for making a special connection with a student. Here are 6 ways that you and your team can make the most of that special day!

15 Ideas to Get Every Student Back This Fall

Don’t Assume They’re All Coming Back

It’s a tragedy when we miss the opportunity to get every student back in the fall. This is a great time to get new students but I’ve seen its also a time when some students decide not to come back! Here are 15 quick ideas that many youth workers are using to make sure that every students returns after the summer

4 Ways to Move Students Forward in their Faith

I’m in Maui this week fighting with the waves on the beach. (tough job but somebody has to do it!) I got thinking about students who seem to make some progress and like caught in the under tow, get pulled to sea. Instead of progressing some students get worse with age until they finally abandon their faith.

On the other hand there are those. that although they may be pummeled by the same waves of culture and academic expectations, they manage to rise above them and move on with their faith. For many of these students it was because they had a great family and great coach helping them to get up and move on. Here are 4 ways they help move students forward in their faith: 

If Your Ministry Were As Important As Running A Small Business

Rico is the savvy, successful manager of our local health club.

I asked him what he would say to Young Adult Pastors since these are his clientele at the gym.  Rico said, “You need to see everyone you meet as a perspective client.”

“When people step foot on your property no matter who they are, you are their new best friend. You can’t be so busy about setting up and doing other things. When they are there, they are not your first priority they’re your ONLY PRIORITY!”

Rico outlined for me 6 other ideas from his gym that could revolutionize how we do ministry.

Canadian vs. American Values: They’re different, eh!

Cultural values are changing

But how are they changing and how do we respond?

A July 9, 2016 Abacus study of 1500 Canadians 18 and up mirrored a recent American Gallup poll. When asked the same questions there were significant differences between the two countries! Here are some of the highlights.

Help Spiritually At Risk Students

This was first posted at Youth Specialties

Years of research and millions of dollars have gone into studying at-risk kids. Most of these studies are focused on behaviors that lead to early pregnancies, overdoses, or drunk driving and other crimes. Less is known about behaviors that destroy the soul. Sadly, millions of youth—even church youth—engage in 4 these soul-destroying behaviors:

5 Communication Disasters to Avoid

Photo Credit Kyle Ponce

Lately I‘ve received some potentially dangerous communication. The results could have been catastrophic if I jumped to the wrong conclusions. Also, I’ve been left in limbo waiting for important information from people I messaged. My imagination ran wild considering why they are either ignoring me or purposely keeping me in the dark. Maybe they just didn’t know how their unresponsiveness is getting to me?!

In any kind of work but particularly in youth ministry, catastrophic communication blunders must be avoided at all cost. Here are the most disastrous mistakes to avoid: