8 Ideas to Reach 8 More Students

Let’s face it

Most groups could handle 8 more students. I bet you at least 8 more students need your group! How do you find them and get them to attend? Once they are there, how do you get them to return and keep growing? Here are ten simple ideas that Student ministries are using effectively. Try one or all of them to reach more students in your community.

Cultivating Community in Your Youth Ministry

Student long for acceptance! Are they finding it at your group?

This past Friday night I walked around the youth ministry that I volunteer at and was reminded of the importance of creating an atmosphere of healthy community within a ministry. Students are looking for a place where people know who they are and that they are cared for and encouraged in their lives.  Youth ministry is an opportunity to demonstrate what true biblical community can look like. Here’s what they need to see in your ministry….

A Christmas Story: 6 Important Lessons

You’ve Got to See this…

Christmas is just around the corner, we are full on into the season.  Turn on the TV and there are multiple Christmas movies and shows to watch. One of my favorites is “A Christmas Story.”

This move tells the story of Ralphie Parker who only wants one thing for Christmas: A Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle.  Throughout the movie, we are introduced to Ralphie’s quest and several colourful characters.  Throughout this movie are many funny moments that provides 6 important lessons for everyone!

I Thought I was Focused

I Thought I Was Focused but I wasn’t

I was in my quiet time and I couldn’t believe it. My mind was straying all over the place. I seemed to lack the ability to concentrate for more than two minutes without my mind straying. No wonder I’ve been distracted lately! In my busyness I let things slip and realized I needed to get back to these 3 laser-like focusing practices…

GIVE Like Santa SAVE Like Scrooge

It’s Time to give and save!

Anyone a certain age in Canada, will remember the Canadian Tire commercials that aired during the Christmas season for two decades. The slogan “Give like Santa, save like Scrooge” became part of pop culture. In these commercials we were told that by shopping at Canadian Tire we could give generously like Santa, while saving money like the miserly Scrooge.  In this line of thought: How can we in youth ministry “give like Santa and save like Scrooge?”

Here are a few thoughts: