My Very First Youth Night

I had no idea what I was getting in to.

My friend’s Korean church in Toronto was desperate for someone to run a youth program on Friday nights; so I said I’d check it out. I made a brief visit at Easter and the Senior Pastor made a snap decision to offer me a full time internship beginning in August. That summer, while I worked in a warehouse, all the time I was thinking about what I was going to do with this group of youth.

4 Powerful Ways That Mindfulness Will Improve Your Life and Ministry

Being all there makes a huge difference…

But recent studies show that most of us aren’t “all there” most of the time! In fact one study by Microsoft shows that most people have a shorter attention span (8 seconds) than a gold fish! Here are 5 powerful ways that practicing mindfulness will improve your life and ministry!

4 Ways to Move Students Forward in their Faith

I’m in Maui this week fighting with the waves on the beach. (tough job but somebody has to do it!) I got thinking about students who seem to make some progress and like caught in the under tow, get pulled to sea. Instead of progressing some students get worse with age until they finally abandon their faith.

On the other hand there are those. that although they may be pummeled by the same waves of culture and academic expectations, they manage to rise above them and move on with their faith. For many of these students it was because they had a great family and great coach helping them to get up and move on. Here are 4 ways they help move students forward in their faith: 

6 Life-Giving Things To Do In The Next 3 Months

A change of pace is coming,

…if you haven’t already experienced it.  It happens every year around this time.  For the next 3 months I’m sure that for many of you the Youth Ministry calendar is very different.

What I want to urge you to do is take advantage of this change in the Youth Ministry rhythm.

Here are 6 invigorating activities that you could do over the next 3 months.

4 Essential Elements of an Amazing Personal Retreat

You need to do a retreat!

I can already hear you say, “Ugggg, I’m exhausted from the year and have no energy to put on a retreat”.

That’s not the kind of retreat I’m talking about.  You need to go on a personal retreat.  –A retreat where you spend time with God, plan, and fill your empty tank.

In fact I believe an annual personal retreat is a critical piece of your effectiveness and the effectiveness of your ministry.  Think of it as you taking your car to the mechanic or going to the doctor for a checkup.  When these things are done regularly everything runs more effectively and often you can catch problems before they become too big.

Here’s 1 key and 4 elements of a personal retreat a success.

One Question That Will Make You Effective and Provide Sanity

What are you?

I know a weird question.  Maybe a better way to phrase it would be, what are you to your students?

When I first started in youth ministry I didn’t have a clear answer.  As a result, it created havoc in my life.

  •  I didn’t have time for my wife
  • I didn’t have time for the ministry
  • I didn’t have time for the important but not urgent things
  • -I didn’t have time for me

In short, because I couldn’t answer the above question I had very bad boundaries.

So maybe I can help.  In a student’s life, I can definitely tell you the 2 people you cannot be.