You Need to See This and 3 Ways to End Bullying

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting too much after seeing so many youth productions in the past 3 decades but after watching this I was blown away by the original score, the humor, and the honesty by the students.

Finally a high quality, original production for youth groups addresses in a funny yet dramatic way, gripping issues like bullying, depression, peer pressure and redemption.

To read more about it, get the link to watch the video and to contact the Jeremy the youth pastor who wrote, directed, and produced this video click here:

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3 Strategies to End Bullying

not just your son’s problem

A growing number of women are addicted to internet pornography. They admit that this addiction began in their teen years. So as much as we are alarmed with the amount of male students regularly viewing pornography, the rate of teenage girls looking at sexual images and videos is increasing rapidly.

Studies show that explicit material is accessed on phones, so it is increasingly difficult to monitor and control. Rather than turning a blind eye, hoping this will not be a problem for girls, there are at least three things that parents can do.

Three New Dating Dangers: What Parents Can Do

Digital kids have embraced new ways of relating that should make every parent think twice about the changing rules in the dating game. Face Time, Face Book, Snap Chat, Skype, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Texting create possibilities in relationships that weren’t a concern even just ten years ago. Now they are, and we should probably be talking to our teens about each of them…

These “Beauties” Share 3 Surprising Secrets

The things you see on Face Book! One of them that I see more than others is every female student or young adult commenting on photos of their friends as, “beauties” or gorgeous and, of course, they have to return the compliment.

Since teens discovered face book and made their profile public, there has never been as much pressure on girls to measure up. Some have made incredible efforts to take shots that put them in the best possible light. Selfies that flatter and photo-shopped pictures to make the perfect glamour shot, are everywhere. And, as you know, some have crossed lines of modesty and decency…

But I believe these photos and the telling comments reveal 3 surprising secrets that every parent needs to see

SEX – too little or too big of a deal?


If you work with students the topic of sex is bound to come up.  Doug Fields has a joke where he says students want to know about sex and end times and if you can have sex during the end times.

The question I often get is, “What’s the big deal about sex?”  Do we make too big of a deal about it or do we not make enough of a deal about sex?

Unfortunately, I think society and even the church only talk about and address the surface of this issue.  Paul however digs deep into the results that sex actually have in 1 Corinthians 6:12-20.

I think when we address sex, as Paul did, we will be making the proper deal of a subject that is sensitive but extremely important.  Let’s look at what Paul said.

Culture Soup, Maps and Mirrors

How do you make sense of it all?

The 30th annual MTV Video Music Awards 2013 took place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on August 25. Over 13 million viewers, most of them under 25, were treated to the now notorious performance by Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke. One month later, a Google search of Miley provides 827 million pages in 0.26 seconds. Pop culture is currently consumed with everything VMA.

Welcome to the world of today’s teens. This is their culture. Culture is what we believe, what we do, and how we live our lives. It binds us to those who think and live in a similar manner. It’s the values, attitudes and behaviors that drive how we live our lives. might find it easier to think of it as the “soup” in which our kids are swimming. It is like lifting the lid on a pot of soup only to discover what you see on the surface isn’t really what the soup is all about. You need to stir it up to be sure of its contents. The same can be said of youth culture. There is much below the surface to be considered.