Introducing Youth Ministry Unleashed

Ron PowellHi Folks,
We are looking forward to sharing ideas that are working in youth ministries today. Some of what I share is what we are discussing in class, things I have written in articles, or great stuff that others are sharing out there. I know that you are crazy busy so I am happy to sift through stuff and give you something quick and easy that you can use right away. Of course I am always open for suggestions about things that you would like to hear about and would love to get your comments about the material that I am sharing with you. Please subscribe if you want to keep hearing from us and if you subscribe you can have an e-book that I wrote on some crucial youth ministry basics!  –Ron


Tyson HowellsHey Everyone,
Youth ministry can be frustrating at times or even it can cause us to feel completely ineffective.  However, I think the reason we are all involved in youth ministry is because we have a blast pouring and investing into youth.  This blog is simply a chance for us to share tips and ideas of how we can do that effectively.
Sometimes it will be thoughts shared from a personal experience, other times it will be lessons from a book our class I teach and maybe there might even be the odd rant.  However, it will always be about us helping each other unleash the best possible youth ministries.  –Tyson