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    8 Ideas to Reach 8 More Students

    February 15th, 2018

    Let’s face it

    Most groups could handle 8 more students. I bet you at least 8 more students need your group! How do you find them and get them to attend? Once they are there, how do you get them to return and keep growing? Here are ten simple ideas that Student ministries are using effectively. Try one or all of them to reach more students in your community.

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    Get Unstuck in Your Devotions

    January 29th, 2018

    It is going to happen.

    You’re going to get stuck with your devotions. You will feel that it has become a meaningless ritual and you’d rather not do them. At the same time you know that this is the source of your life and ministry. How can you get unstuck and find vitality in them? These ideas have worked for me when I had given up on devotions or was just going through the motions.

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    10 Secrets to Keep Your Student Leaders Motivated

    January 15th, 2018

    Losing your student leaders? 

    Keeping student leaders serving year after year with all of the changes going on in their lives can be a challenge. Listed below are a number of factors that will determine the depth and length of a student leaders commitment to the leadership team.

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    18 Student Ministry Commitments for 2018

    December 27th, 2017

    These 18 commitments I’ve lived by in student ministry. I want to share them with you for the New Year. Some are original to me, some I reworked, and some I can’t remember where they came from.- Hope they bless you and your ministry.

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    I Thought I was Focused

    December 12th, 2017

    I Thought I Was Focused but I wasn’t

    I was in my quiet time and I couldn’t believe it. My mind was straying all over the place. I seemed to lack the ability to concentrate for more than two minutes without my mind straying. No wonder I’ve been distracted lately! In my busyness I let things slip and realized I needed to get back to these 3 laser-like focusing practices…

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    #MeToo Your Students are Harassed

    November 29th, 2017

    It’s happening to your students

    Vanessa looks all around before she takes a seat on the bus. Ever since she was touched inappropriately by a man on her way to school she doesn’t feel safe even when travelling in a group. Her youth worker asked why she didn’t tell the bus driver. She just shrugged.

    Jill, 14, was on a mission trip watching the other team members perform a skit when a group of men in the crowd moved in around her and began to push her to the back of the crowd. She wonders what might have happened to her if she hadn’t struggled free and got back to her leader.

    Ismay is sick of her jr high classroom. “Why do they always pick on me and the other girls!” she complained in small group.” She had been poked with pencils, found rude sketches with her name underneath, and received lewd comments almost daily. “Why don’t the teachers do anything about it!”

    Harassment is a daily occurrence for some of your students. It happens at the mall, in classrooms and sometimes at youth meetings. Here are some things you can do to help your male and female students.

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    The Adolescent Anxiety Epidemic: What You Can Do

    November 12th, 2017


    -That’s the number of college freshmen reporting that last year they had experienced “overwhelming anxiety!” High school administrators across the US, report “a glut of anxious, overwhelmed students.” In an interview for the New York Times, Laurie Farkas, said . “But there’s just been a steady increase of severely anxious students.” Here is what you need to know so you can help your students

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    The Future of Youth Ministry

    October 10th, 2017

    Have you seen this? 

    The room is in darkness except for the laser lights. The youth pastor step into the single spot light on the stage. He begins with a short stand up comedy routine then tells an emotional story about a struggling teen. Students are snapchatting the event. The speaker looks down at his phone and reads a Bible verse and introduces his tag line which he will repeat 6 more times before his final appeal.

    The band comes back as he concludes with prayer. The students will respond with 2 more worship songs then make their way out of the room for snacks and a hangout time to return for the worship experience next week.

    This is one version of what to expect from the typical youth night in the future. I’d like to propose an alternate future that will produce greater life change in the lives of students and their families.