4 Reasons Why Events are Important for Your Youth Ministry

I am not a big fan of events.

It doesn’t really matter what the event is.  It could be a concert, sports event, or youth convention. I am not sure if it is the crowds or so many distractions but I find events difficult.

In youth ministry I put my personal feelings aside. The reason?  Glad you asked, because events are important in the life of a youth ministry.

Now you cannot build a youth ministry on events but they are important to the youth ministry. I am reminded of this point once again.  This weekend there is going to be a huge and extremely well run youth convention called YC in my city.  I believe this weekend will be so important to the life of so many youth ministries.

Here are 4 reasons why.

1. Togetherness

I am sure that I do not have to convince you that community is important.  There is something that happens at a youth ministry event.  It could be a retreat, a convention or ministry trip.  It brings your group together.  Events are like a community building machine.

The next time you are with your group at an event think how you could maximize the community building that already is taking place.

2. Landmarks

Our brains do not remember all of the details.  The brains of your developing students are no different. However, we remember things when a landmark is attached to them. Why do you think God told people to make a pile of rocks after a significant spiritual event. These events become those landmarks. Your students remember what God did at these events.

At your next event have students share what God has done.  Help them to remember and create landmarks.

3. Exposure

Generally at the events your students will be exposed to things that you could just not do at the local church level.  It might be the caliber of speakers, the opportunity to be out of the normal routine, or worship experience.

Don’t feel bad or guilty that your students love these events and do not talk as much about the weekly ministry you provide. See this as a positive in the spiritual life of your student.

4. Body

There is something about the body of Christ coming together.  My wife grew up in a small town and as a result had a smaller but healthy youth ministry.  She often reminds me that when she went to events it was a reminder that the Church was bigger than her church.

Remind your students that Christ’s church is bigger than them.  How can your group serve this bigger church?

How about you, what are your thoughts on events?

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Tyson Howells

Tyson is the associate youth ministry director for Vanguard Youth Ministry Institute. He has been a youth pastor for many years in Winnipeg as well as in Edmonton. Tyson is passionate in seeing relational youth ministry that results in youth that are passionate about following Jesus. He still leads a small group at the youth group in his home church.


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