The 3 Truths You Need to Teach Teens about the Bible and Science

My teacher thinks we’re stupid!

My daughter came home from her high school angry one day.

“They think that if you believe in Creation you are backward and stupid,” she complained. “They think that if you believe the Bible, then you are ignorant and living in the dark ages!”

Clearly it was time to get a few things straight about God, the Bible and Science both in my own head and to share at the dinner table. So, here is what I said, and what I share with students… when I get the chance…

 1. The Bible is not a Science Book but it always speaks truthfully about reality.

On page one the Bible assumes the existence of God. The Bible does not try to prove that he exists. It makes statements about the cosmos in poetic terms however “storehouses of snow” that are meant to be understood as metaphors.

When the bible speaks about history, events, human nature, or the natural order of things it is truthful but does not go into the specifics of a biology or Chemistry textbook. It does not provide us with the 3 page equation from light but it does say remarkably that it was created by God. Surprisingly scientists are discovering that yes, even light had a beginning!

 2.Science is not evil. Science studies everything that exists.

The evolutionist looks at the universe and marvels at the wonder of atoms, energy, and movement. The creationist looks at the cosmos standing in awe of God’s handiwork. The evolutionist wonders at how over billions of years the earth has come to be. The bible believing Christian is astonished that God can accomplish in a command something that appears to take countless millions of years to happen by chance.

Strong believers like Newton, Kepler, Pascal, and others unravelled the mysteries of gravity, physics, and mathematics always seeking to understand how God had created the universe. In chemistry, physics, or biology your students can worship in their hearts seeing how amazing God constructed cells, sub atomic particles, and the laws that govern the universe.

 3. We have a Reasonable Faith

Both science and the bible say that the universe has a beginning. Scientists say that about 115 billion years ago a marble sized entity expanded into everything that now exists. There is a lot of speculation over where that entity came from. If there was a big bang, what exploded and where did it come from?… It takes a lot of faith and a whole lot of creativity to determine that by chance all this came from that.

Christians don’t need to be ashamed that we have another answer that also requires faith. Where did all matter and energy come from? It comes from a triune God who is not made of energy, or matter, He is Spirit and he is Truth. He alone can create something from nothing but himself. (But who made God teens may ask –and that is the subject for another blog!)


Sadly, my daughter wasn’t wrong about her school. Young people with a Christian faith often face teachers and friends who look at them as if they still believe that the world is flat. The other sad thing is that Christian high school students are not prepared to explain what they believe about science to a society that blindly assumes we are the product a hundred of millions years of evolution on this planet. We need to prepare students with a reasonable faith, understanding what the bible teaches about creation, not fearing science but seeing it as a way to discover the greatness of God at the end of a microscope or a telescope.

This is just my approach. I would love to hear what you share about science and the Bible with teens. 

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Ron Powell


Ron Powell is the Adviser to the Director of the Youth Ministry Institute at Vanguard College. He has been involved in youth ministry for over 30 years. He continues to volunteer, write, teach, and speak to parents, leaders and teens. If you would like to contact him you can email