My Very First Youth Night

I had no idea what I was getting in to.

My friend’s Korean church in Toronto was desperate for someone to run a youth program on Friday nights; so I said I’d check it out. I made a brief visit at Easter and the Senior Pastor made a snap decision to offer me a full time internship beginning in August. That summer, while I worked in a warehouse, all the time I was thinking about what I was going to do with this group of youth.

6 First Day Back Ideas for Youth Workers

The first day back is an ideal opportunity to connect with a student.

Your kick off may be weeks away (I still don’t get why some groups start so late!?) but I’ve found that nothing beats that first day for making a special connection with a student. Here are 6 ways that you and your team can make the most of that special day!

Free Books For You and Your Friends

Here are two books you can use.

I love getting free stuff but I love giving away free stuff even more! So here are two books that I have sold for 20 dollars each with tons of insights and tips for working with youth.

Leading a Disciple Making Youth Ministry

This book goes through every area of youth ministry to develop a foundation that will last. The focus is reaching and discipling teens who will live for Christ into their adult years. It deals with programs, events, philosophy of ministry and strategies that you can put in place today. (click on link below

disciple make   Discipling Teens by Ron Powell

Understanding Adolescent Behavior

Why do students look and act the way that they do? This book makes the science simple and provides lots of practical ideas for youth workers and parents. It will help you gain insights about physical, social, intellectual and moral development. Knowing how teens are changing will help you to be able to reach and disciple students in the different stages of their development. (click on link below)

adol    Understanding Adolescent Behavior EBOOK

Feel Free to Share

Hey, if you know anyone who could benefit from these books please send them the link from this site so that they could download them.

I really hope that you find these helpful and if you are interested I have some other books that I have written on youth ministry that I would be happy to send you.




4 Powerful Ways That Mindfulness Will Improve Your Life and Ministry

Being all there makes a huge difference…

But recent studies show that most of us aren’t “all there” most of the time! In fact one study by Microsoft shows that most people have a shorter attention span (8 seconds) than a gold fish! Here are 5 powerful ways that practicing mindfulness will improve your life and ministry!

15 Ideas to Get Every Student Back This Fall

Don’t Assume They’re All Coming Back

It’s a tragedy when we miss the opportunity to get every student back in the fall. This is a great time to get new students but I’ve seen its also a time when some students decide not to come back! Here are 15 quick ideas that many youth workers are using to make sure that every students returns after the summer

Study: Popular Kids in Danger in their 20’s

Cool Kids are at greater risk…

There used to be a youth ministry strategy that said reach the popular kids and you will reach their whole school.  A University of Virginia study shows why we should reach popular kids, but it isn’t to grow our youth ministry. It’s because they are at greater risk than you may have guessed. Here’s what youth workers, parents and teachers need to know: